Growing Lean

Ep. 3 Tony Loyd | Finding The Purpose Of Work

December 13, 2020 Ethan Season 1 Episode 3
Growing Lean
Ep. 3 Tony Loyd | Finding The Purpose Of Work
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Show Notes

Work is something we all have to do, but many of us lose sight of purpose and impact over the years, don’t you want to figure out how to find and reconnect with yours?

On todays episode of The Customer Discovercast I sat down with Tony Loyd who is an author, TEDx Speaker, and former Fortune 500 executive turned Social Entrepreneur. Tony's mantra in life is to Thrive in Life, Connect Deeply, and Contribute More.

We spoke about finding purpose within your work and the bridge between ideas and turning them into reality. We also touched on a few ways that innovators are accelerating the transition to a clean energy future. Testing assumptions to maximize the value of efforts is how top tier products are released into the world!

Tony can be reached at his personal website and wee highly recommend watching his inspiring TED Talk if you are struggling to find your purpose with work.

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